The GrAy Area

Episode 14 Brings old College teammate David Porter III to The Gray Area. We explore our best memories in college. Our biggest regrets. Concussions in sports. The Future of football.  And choosing what woman, what album and what meal we would take with us if were stranded on an island O.o. Check it out!!

episode info: Ep.12- Kenny J , & Coach Brooks, old friends from high school, come to ThE GrAY ArEa to have an entertaining debate on who the real Crown King is, Where Tyrone went wrong , What it means to be a father, life in the Air Force and why Spongebob is indeed the best nickelodeon show of all time and not ned’s declassified. Sit back and enjoy! Laughs for days!

Episode 11 -Me and the homies, analyze the shenanigans of Spring Break 2018!! Hear our reaction, And Listen as we break down the Top 10 Do’s and Don’t when on Spring Break. Thinking about letting your significant other go on a girls/guys trip with friends? Or if Padre Island island is the destination for you on SB as a 25 year old?? Think again!!

Episode 10- Guest, Rachel Scruggs comes to The Gray Area to explain her business: Fit-29, the importance of fitness to women, weave vs. natural hair, colorism in the community, The Bey-Hive, “Aint ish ninjas”, Make-up on men??? and a wholeee lot more! Debate debate and more debate!!

Ep.8: Tcu Boys: The Life of an athlete, Ncaa, biggest fears & Peach vs. Rose Bowl team who wins??


Episode 7- With some help from my og’s Tony, Atunga, and Shon. The fellas and I, breakdown a plethora of different topics. Beginning with the comparison of social interaction then and now. Followed by evaluating the state of Black entrepreneurship, how to avoid the “crabs in the barrel” mentality, Monique vs. Netflix. And whether Kanye should be cool with Kim K flashing her goodies all on the web on grammy night!