Scot Pollard is a retired NBA champion who played for 5 teams in the league over 11 seasons.

He graduated from Kansas University with. BS in education. Currently keeps busy professionally by speaking publicly both to businesses and schools, doing some broadcasting, stand up comedy, doing community work with the Indiana Pacers as well as volunteering on a number of local committees in the Indianapolis area with his wife, Dawn.

Personal life revolves around typical suburban dad stuff: Taxiing kids around to sports and activities, coaching one son’s basketball team, and putting up and taking down decorations.

This podcast will focus on any number of the above in addition to my participation on survivor, interviewing cast mates, old teammates, and other people I think are worthy of airtime

Ep: 17 Dad’s, Tequila, #ReFart


Brent Joseph joins Scot today to taste some tequila and live the suburb dad life! Brent is a member of the Bourbon Society of Indianapolis, a BBQ enthusiast, and a cigar aficionado.

You ever wonder what Chewbacca’s member is? Yeah, us too! WTF is a ReFart? And do women actually fart?

We also drink Tequila

Ep: 15 Michael Rapaport (Actor, Podcaster and Shit Talker)


This week Scot talks with “Actor, Podcaster and Shit Talker” Michael Rapaport. Scot dives into Michael’s brain to find out…

Why he hates the President so much,

What it was like to be a guest star on the show “Friends”

And an inside story about Nicolas Cage

Ep: 12 Survivor Pod! Legend – Jeff Varner


The third edition of the Planet Pollard podcast Survivor edition with Jeff Varner is out! Scot and Jeff tackle some of the biggest and hardest topics from past seasons. Jeff gets real and raw about some of his past moments on the show that have been talked about for years. Sit back, relax and listen to Scot and Jeff talk about what really happened when the cameras are off