Pod 5 Backup plan


12 years of insight into the NFL shared from the eyes and mind of a back-up who’s been on 5 teams, 4 organizations, 7 Head Coaches, 9 offensive schemes, and locker rooms with some HOF’ers. Not the “ideal” road, but one taken, come share yours with him.

Ep: 12 Survivor Pod! Legend – Jeff Varner


The third edition of the Planet Pollard podcast Survivor edition with Jeff Varner is out! Scot and Jeff tackle some of the biggest and hardest topics from past seasons. Jeff gets real and raw about some of his past moments on the show that have been talked about for years. Sit back, relax and listen to Scot and Jeff talk about what really happened when the cameras are off

Ep.9 What it means to be a woman/ Motherly love

Ep.9- Very special Gray Area Episode this week! With Woman’s History Month kicking off, what better person to start the month off interviewng than my mom. Listen as I go one on one with Karen Gray and ask her thoughts on, what it means to be a woman, her upbringing, the challenges of raising two boys, parenting then & now, education and the woman she most wished she could meet in history & much more!! Check much love!