Ep: 10 Survivor Pod! Julia Sokolowski


You ever wonder what happens on the show Survivor behind the scenes? When the cameras are not rolling? Check out the first podcast in a series from Scot Pollard on his time on the show, “Survivor”

In this weeks episode Scot talks with fellow season 32 friend, Julia Sokolowski!

What happens when you don’t drink for a month and then take shots?

Ep: 9 Suburb Dad’s Drinking Tequila And Talking Sh*t


Brent Joseph joins Scot today to taste some tequila and live the suburb dad life! Brent is a member of the Bourbon Society of Indianapolis, a BBQ enthusiast, and a cigar aficionado. Three things that are even better when enjoyed together with good friends. If Brent is not talking about bourbon, he’s probably talking about sports, in particular, NFL football and Kansas Jayhawks basketball.

Ep.7 Then vs. Now / Black Entrepreneurship, Social media, & Monique

Episode 7- With some help from my og's Tony, Atunga, and Shon. The fellas and I, breakdown a plethora of different topics. Beginning with the comparison of social interaction then and now. Followed by evaluating the state of Black entrepreneurship, how to avoid the...

Ep: 8 Everyday is my F-ing Birthday


On today’s pod Scot tackles the critical issue of gun violence in our schools. What we can all do to help tragedy’s like this never happen again. Scot takes a look back at a bullshit experience from his time in the NBA and the hypocritical nature of pro sports. Finally, Scot reminds everyone why everyday is his fucking birthday


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