Ep: 17 Dad’s, Tequila, #ReFart


Brent Joseph joins Scot today to taste some tequila and live the suburb dad life! Brent is a member of the Bourbon Society of Indianapolis, a BBQ enthusiast, and a cigar aficionado.

You ever wonder what Chewbacca’s member is? Yeah, us too! WTF is a ReFart? And do women actually fart?

We also drink Tequila

Dan Orlovsky: Ep: 7 Is Josh Allen a franchise QB?


On the latest “Backup Plan” pod with 12-year NFL Veteran Dan Orlovksy

1:57 – Is Josh Allen a game changing QB?
4:43 – How will Josh Allen handle the blitz in the NFL
5:16 – What happened to former NFL QB Josh Freeman in game?
7:24 – How long will it take Josh Allen to be a starter?
13:30 – How NFL offseason programs work
17:44 – The day Dan Orlovksy was drafted
21:08 – Should Colts fans be worried about Andrew Luck?
24:34 – Can RGIII turn his career around?
30:27 – How is Reuben Foster still on the 49ers?
40:00 – Could Cam Newton play on both sides of the ball?
43:21 – Masters 2018 recap
44:30 – Who is the Patrick Reed of the QB world?