Nets and Knicks Trash Talk

Mike Bisceglia and Alex Benesowitz take a deep dive inside the Nets vs Knicks hate. Plus, a look at everything else happening in the NBA

3/29/20 Life Without My Sports
By Alex Benesowitz @KnicksCentral on twitter!

Unless you have been living under a sanitized rock, you are well aware of the deadly and scary Coronavirus that has brought the world to a halt.  Cities are shut down, hospitals are chaotic, nobody knows who is a carrier, it is something out of a really bad horror movie. With all of this being said, it is hard to legitimately get mad at anything that affects you personally, especially something in the entertainment field like sports.  However, it is ok to be frustrated that you cannot watch your favorite team or players play while keeping everything in perspective. 

It is not just the action of watching sports or going to a game that I of course miss, I honestly did not realize how much I miss reading about the day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute changes that happen in the sports world.  Hearing about the big game or story that took place the night before or being live on twitter or listening to sports radio as that story was breaking and seeing/hearing the reactions pour in is incredible and I miss that – pure emotion.  Sometimes the stories outside of the playing field, court or ice are more exciting than the play DURING a game, at least for me.

It is extremely frustrating for me that we will likely not see how my Knicks will finish out the season.  They were getting organized under Mike Miller, Frank Ntilikina was getting consistent (finally), Mitchell Robinson was rounding into the star he has the potential to be and RJ Barrett was one more step back three away from making our heads explode.  It is not about tanking with this team anymore (as it shouldn’t be) and at least it was nice to see them end the season with a win even in a lost season. Hopefully, more games are coming but the NBA would be smart to skip to the playoffs whenever (if ever) they return to action.  The promising part of the Knicks is that if they play their cards right (major IF) they have the young players, assets and cap space to rebuild this team the RIGHT way….this of course happens as the world is about to come to an end.

It is also extremely frustrating that the Mets have the potential to have a wonderful season as they got rid of a terrible Manager, improved the bullpen with Betances, Cespedes is lurking in a contract year and the best pitcher in baseball, Jacob deGrom, is about to win his third straight Cy Young Award.  The Syndergaard news hurt a lot but outside of 2015 and 2016 he has always been more sizzle than substance if you catch my drift. I want to say, “..but baseball won’t be affected much and the season started too early anyway” but the most frustrating thing about the Coronavirus situation is the unknown, this may very well push the season back into August.  The unknown is frustrating but not frustrating because it is just sports, ugh. 

Of course though, even with all Sports suspended there is still some sort of disaster that has to happen with some of my teams.  Within a matter of minutes, the Jets became cheap and lost Robby Anderson, one of their starting Wide Receivers and the Mets announced Noah Syndergaard is getting Tommy John….this happened literally within 5 minutes of each other – what a mess.

There are certainly more important things in life than sports but for many like myself there is an emotional attachment to my teams that cannot be explained to people who do not have this passion.  It is ok to be angry or upset that there are no games on but like I said, keep it all in perspective and STAY INSIDE so we can get back to normal sooner than later.

3/21/20 Richard Jefferson talks Nets vs Knicks! By Alex Benesowitz and Mike Bisceglia.

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