Mike Delivers Podcast

I have been a producer for CBS Sports Radio for 7 + years now. Last May I became an Uber Eats driver on the side to make more money. I fucking LOVE IT!!! This podcast is about my stories from the road and some fun Uber Eats style food reviews with my wife…ENJOY!

We are living in crazy fucking times right now…I had the opportunity to talk with Bug Z. Yes, that is his name. He is a rapper that lives in Tampa and Also does Uber Eats. We talked about what the last week has been like as an Uber Eats driver during the Coronavrius. Podcast on YouTube below

She is a hot little mama! Bug Z!

Below is my podcast of my time inside Frank Fleming’s house. Frank is most famous for his rant about NJ Transit. He is now a contributor for Barstool Sports.

Ep 51: Inside Frank Fleming’s house (Interview w/ Frank Fleming)
Fish vs Fish battle! McDonald’s vs Wendy’s Fish Lent Sandwiches….

Uber Eats driver Mike shares his stories from the road

Ep 58: Pizza Hut’s Mozzarella Poppers Pizza