Mike Bisceglia and Alex Benesowitz are fans of some terrible teams so they must love sports since they want to talk about them on a Podcast.

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Ep 19: Sports Are Back (Recorded Pre Thibs Knicks News)


***This episode was recorded before the Knicks/Thibs news broke***

Mike and Alex discuss how weird it is to talk sports when they have the same favorite team (Mets), Fantasy Baseball, NBA Bubble talk, Cespedes, Alex’s love for random jerseys/wearing jerseys to games, Mets 9/11 game, NBA Finals picks, Jason Kidd, weekly poll question and more

Ep 18: Interview with Mike Schneid


Mike and Alex talk to big Knicks fan Mike Schneid (@msschneid) of MikeDropSports.com, talk about his SB Nation Cincinnati Bearcats website, reminisce about famous alumni Lance Stephenson and Kenyon Martin then they go on to talk Knicks, Nets, Cowboys, NBA Bubble and of course, the weekly poll question.

Ep 16: Interview with Erika Fernandez


Mike and Alex interview the great Erika Fernandez (@CurlsAndSports) of Quick Out the Blocks. Erika talks about her experience at Black Sports Online (BSO) that lead to her leaving the company. Her experiences in the Knicks/Nets locker rooms, the Mets, Wedding postponements and Erika reveals her secret favorite NBA team. Yes, we get to the weekly poll question as well.

Ep 11: Serious and Random Thoughts


RIP George Floyd and sometimes life is bigger than sports but we need the distraction so Mike and Alex also discuss the Knicks coaching search (Thibs, Atkinson or Miller), NBA’s playoff formats (abolishing conferences or World Cup style or keep it as is), Durant’s return and Weekly Poll Question



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