Mike Bisceglia and Alex Benesowitz are fans of some terrible teams so they must love sports since they want to talk about them on a Podcast.

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Ep 2: Interview w/ twitter star @Dolan_J_Trump


Mike and Alex chat with twitter star John aka @Dolan_J_Trump.

This parody account tweets like Trump through the eyes of Knicks owner James Dolan and it is hilarious. Mike and Alex chat with John about how it started, where it is now and what the future holds for this hysterical follow.



3 days ago

The Pros Club

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NOTE: Podcast was recorded in May.

Right here--->>https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ep-22-chad-buchanan-indiana-pacers-gm-originally-recorded/id1422398100?i=1000483437843

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