Mike Bisceglia and Alex Benesowitz are fans of some terrible teams so they must love sports since they want to talk about them on a Podcast.

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Ep 43: The Knicks Are Going To The Finals


Mike and Alex don’t actually think that the Knicks are going to the Finals but Alex is HYPED and we break down the Knicks recent wins, the Nets winning without Durant, the anticipation of the Knicks/Nets matchup next week, “Fan Snobs”, Twitter debating, guess the #43’s, and of course, your weekly poll questions.

Ep 42: The Return Of “Angry Mike”


Mike and Alex discuss the terrible day in the Nets world, Mike is pissed about the Nets and Alex’s tweets and “Angry Mike” is back, Knicks beat the Bucks, NFC East/Giants talk, NY Jets/Trevor Lawrence talk, Steve Cohen roasting fans on Twitter and of course the weekly poll question.

Ep 40: Durant’s Return, Thibs Rotations


Mike and Alex talk about Kevin Durant making his debut, Alex makes fun of Kyrie Irving’s media “blackout”, people taking Twitter too seriously, #MFFL, Lamelo Ball and Jason Williams, personal stuff, Trevor Lawrence and the tanking NY Jets, home field/court advantage and of course, the weekly poll question.

Ep 35: Westbrook, NBA Draft & Interview w/ Andrew Claudio


Mike and Alex discuss and argue about Westbrook to the Knicks in a potential salary dump trade and chat with Andrew Claudio of the Final Score podcast on the topics above. Check out Andrew’s podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/final-score/id1167590682